Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does my band get signed to Broken Rim Records?
A: Broken Rim is always looking to expand. We're looking for bands that tour full time and work hard. Send us an email with your songs and a little bit about your band.

Q: Would you be interested in pressing our record on vinyl?
A: We might! Send us an email.

Q: Do you sell records to distributions at wholesale rates?
A: Absolutely! We love getting our releases out there! We sell all of our releases at cost plus shipping. And if you buy enough we'll even cover the shipping cost! Please send me an email titled: DISTRIBUTION / WHOLESALE INQUIRIES

Q: Do you guys trade distro records?
A: If what you put out is on vinyl and worthwhile, yeah probably. Email us!

Q: It's been like 2 days since I placed my order, where are my records?
A: Relax. They're coming. All US orders should get a confirmation email with a tracking number with a day or 2 of placing the order (Out of country orders don't get tracking numbers). The records will ship within another day or 2 of receiving that email. Unless you ordered a single 7" most of the orders go out Media Mail so it may take awhile if they're going across the country. If you still haven't received your records and it's been more than 2 weeks, email us and we'll get it figured out.

Q: I need my records by the end of the week! How can I speed up the process?
A: Email us before ordering. We can set something up where you can pay an additional amount and we will ship the records using a more timely/expensive service.

Q: I sent you a message on facebook/twitter/instagram about whatever my problem is, why haven't you responded?!
A: We don't check any of that. Email is the way to go.